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Our Window Cleaning Rain Guarantee

To our customers, here is our window cleaning rain guarantee:

We know how miserable it feels to have your windows cleaned to only have them dirtied again by rain within just a few days. We at Sea of Glass window cleaning want you to have a chance to enjoy your clean windows, your brighter home, and beautiful view.  This is why we offer a 14 Day Window Cleaning Rain Guarantee.

If it rains within 14 days and some or all of your windows get dirty don’t worry.  Just give us a call and let us know.  We’ll schedule an appointment to return to your home and clean the windows that were dirtied by the rain at no additional cost to you. It is our pleasure to serve you. Our window cleaning rain guarantee is a testament to it.

window cleaning rain guarantee

Window Cleaning Rain Guarantees Are not the Industry Standard

Our team is so committed to the highest quality of service we are one of the few in the window cleaning industry who offer such a valuable service to our clients. Our 14 day window cleaning rain guarantee is proof that our team will do whatever it takes to make sure you never use another lesser quality service again.

100% Satisfaction & 14 Day Window Cleaning Rain Guarantee Ensures A Happy Customer

With such a commitment to the highest quality service, combined with industry competitive pricing, there is no reason for you to look anywhere else for professional window cleaning services. Give our team a call today or contact us here for a free estimate. No pressure or strings for a quick easy quote for any service you need. The estimate we provide is based on the information provided to us. Actual prices may vary due to a lack of a complete description of the services you require. Please be as detailed as possible.