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Solar Panel Cleaning

Do you have solar panels? Congratulations! You have made one of wisest choices for power efficiency. Now it is time to make the second wisest decision for power efficiency; hiring  our team for your solar panel cleaning to keep them clean and harness all the power of the sun.

Solar Panel Cleaning is Investment Protection

When investing, protecting your investment is just as important. Solar panel cleaning is that protection. Solar panel cleaning increases every panels efficiency by 80-90%!  Our team makes every job affordable so every dollar you spend triples your power and efficiency and you receive immediate return on your investment. We have seen electric bills completely wiped out and even money returned back to the client.

soalr panel cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning Requires Specialists

Solar panel cleaning requires the use of special chemicals and tools to remove bird droppings, months of dirt and debris that has been collecting. This crud that layers on top of your solar panel cells requires solar panel cleaning to keep every panel and cell harnessing every bit of power from sun rays. Solar panel cleaning provides complete efficiency to your home or place of business without a costly bill.

Soloing Solar Panel Cleaning

Many believe solar panel cleaning a simple task. They believe hosing or dusting their solar panels will keep the investment of going green, save them money. Solar Panel cleaning requires the right chemicals, correct brushing, and the right water for them to bring a return on your investment.  Sea of Glass Window Cleaning uses the right chemicals in solar panel cleaning that restore photovoltaic efficiency, the right brushes that don’t scratch panels hindering more power, and the right  purified water that doesn’t leave waters spots causing even more wasted energy. Take look our process for cleaning solar panels.

Nature doesn’t do Solar Panel Cleaning

We have heard many excuses why customers don’t have solar panel cleaning services done. Nature being one of them. It’s a bad idea to rely on nature to do the solar panel cleaning for your. Nature actually makes it worse. Our team has done thousands of panels and we have never seen where rainfall has cleaned the panels. This panel represents a mother nature cleaning. Solar panels must be thoroughly cared for and we take the steps by providing special service time for solar panel cleaning in early mornings or nights. With flexible scheduling at an affordable price, there is no reason to wait and let more dust collect on those  panels. Contact us today to schedule your solar panel cleaning service! Check out the difference between mother nature and Sea of Glass in this photo.

solar panels

Our team is here and ready to provide window cleaning estimates for services to you. You can call us now at 951.897.2068 or use the form on our contact form here. The estimate we provide is based on the information provided to us. Actual prices may vary due to a lack of a complete description of the services you require. Please be as detailed as possible.