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Solar Panel Cleaning in Menifee, Professional & Affordable

01 Dec 2015, by admin in Menifee, Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning in Menifee

November 15th, 2015 our team got a call from a home owner in Menifee ca for some residential solar panel cleaning. This was a new customer and had told us his last company had been increasing their rates each time they came out. He was not upset with the job they did, but he wanted to make sure he was still paying a competitive price. After our quote he booked our service and we were scheduled for the next day. After we completed the job and the homeowner inspected the work he was surprised to see our work was a bit cleaner than his previous company at about 20% the cost. He was so pleased he called his neighbor over to show off our work and get us to give him our business card as well. The new client was pleased and couldn’t stop praising our name, but for us, it was just another day on the job.

The Before and After – the Sea of Glass Difference


Solar Panel Cleaning in Menifee


Solar Panel Cleaning in Menifee

The Process We Used For The Solar Panel Cleaning in Menifee

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