Solar Panel Power

18 Jul 2013, by Giancarlo J in Uncategorized

Solar Panel Power!

Sea of Glass Window cleaning loves do Solar Panels! We love it so much that we are up at the break of dawn to clean them. Here are a few pictures of our adventures today. We went from roof to roof in a neighbor hood in Ontario.

solar panel power


Solar Panel Power Hungry

As we were enjoying ourselves taking pictures and cleaning our customers solar panels. Some neighbors came over and said “Can you guys do us next?! Our Panels are filthy! We of course said yes

and now the City of Ontario has more power being generated in this neighborhood. Your welcome Ontario! Solar panel power is great and we are so glad to be helping out anyway we can.

 Sea of Glass gets your more Solar Panel Power

Solar Panel Power comes from the cells on a solar panel receive light and heat from the sun. But if their is a thick layer of bird dump or just mounds of dirty the efficacy of the cells is dropped significantly. That’s where we come in. Although Solar Panel Cleaning can be done by any home owner. We recommend that you hire us for a reasonable price to clean those panels for you and you just enjoy the electric bill each month!

Solar Panel PowerDSCN0922DSCN0950

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