Best Window Cleaning 2013- Sea of Glass

09 Jul 2013, by admin in Uncategorized

 80 Review Mark!

We are happy to announce that Sea of Glass has finally reached the 80 review mark! It is one thing to say we have 80 reviews but to say we have reached 80 reviews and have 4.81 out of 5 is another. This outstanding score has earned us best window cleaning of 2013. Over the years we have provided great service to countless amounts of people and 80 reviews are just the tip of iceberg of how many happy customers we have had. Whether it has been the price that people liked as HomeAdvisor customers(which is 20% off) or the amazing customer service that has made us great: or maybe it was our 5 step process of window cleaning that has people blown away at the detail and quality we provide. Either way, the consensus is that Sea of Glass Window Cleaning has towered above the competition and become HomeAdvisors Best Window Cleaning  2013.

Best Window Cleaning 2013

Best Window Cleaning 2013

 Thanks for Making Sea of Glass Best Window Cleaning of 2013

Sea of Glass wants to give a thank you to HomeAdvisor for the award and thank all the customers that took the time to fill out reviews and make sure we were referred to others when we did well and even thanks to those that gave us bad reviews so that we saw our faults and have improved as a better company. We also look forward to making any new customers one of our thousands of satisfied customers.