Professional Screen Washing in Corona, CA

Window cleaning is an art that our professional team has mastered over the years we have been serving customers throughout the Corona area. But, what great is art if it cannot be seen. Professionally cleaned windows are only good if your screens are free from dirt and grime too.  A clean window is no good without a screen washing and that’s why every single one of our customers in Corona get screen cleaning included in their window cleaning service.

Our 3 Steps of Screen Washing in Corona

We have a three step process that our team adheres to each and every single time we clean screens in Corona. Screen washing is included in residential window cleaning packages and is no additional cost to the customer but that does not mean we do not take any shortcuts in screen washing.

screen washing in corona

Extra bonuses for residents in Corona with Our Window Screen Washing

Unclean screens can reduce the air flow and air quality in your home and not to mention reduce your view out of your window. Sea of Glass window cleaning includes this service at no additional cost and is a great bonus to have your window cleaning done in your home.

Sea of Glass window cleaning loves to go the extra mile for our clients. So when we are screen washing we also add in little bonuses to your screens while we wash them. If any screen mesh is loose or any of the rubber has come out of place we re tighten and restore any loose tabs on your screens. Just another reason why Sea of Glass window cleaning is the choice in window cleaning in any home.


Our team is here and ready to provide window cleaning estimates for services to you. You can call us now at 951.897.2068 or use the form on our contact page here. The estimate we provide is based on the information provided to us. Actual prices may vary due to a lack of a complete description of the services you require. Please be as detailed as possible.